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Saturday, November 13, 2010

e.l.f. The Beauty Encyclopedia SPARKLE EYE EDITION

Part of the Beauty Encyclopedia series this is one of three eyeshadow palettes available. At a retail cost of only $5 this is yet another amazing deal by elf. I have only used mine for a couple of days and overall I really love it but there are a few things that elf could improve on in making in more user friendly.
First thing that annoyed me was the fact that after swiping the powder eye shadows they flake like crazy and make a huge mess everywhere including into the cream shadows. All I did to fix the problem was use a damp cloth to wipe around the corners and some clean Q-tips.  There is a protective plastic cover over the eye shadows but It's a bit thin and flimsy. I noticed even with slight use you will see dents and scratches start to form in the plastic right away. The front cover is held in place by two strong magnets and once you open the booklet on the left you'll see how-to instructions. These are basic and easy to follow but the weird part is step #1 suggests that you line your eyes first. I think the vast majority of people would agree that you line your eyes as a final eye makeup application. Idk maybe that's just me? lol
Ok on to the powder shadows themselves. The colors are gorgeous! To the touch really smooth and soft. They glide onto your eyelids very nicely and blend with little effort. Pretty much all of the shades are well pigmented except for one. The color in the upper left corner next to the white barely shows at all. I've never seen an eyeshadow do that before, just have no color. So what I did is use the white cream eye shadow as a base then apply this "ghost color" over about 5 times. After doing this I was finally able to see a pretty shimmering caramel shade.
All of the other colors only take one swipe and It's an instant color payoff.  As far as the two cream eye shadows one white and one pink they are super creamy and crease like crazy! Holy crap! lol
They however are very pretty especially the white shade but I don't recommend them for use on their own. The are way too creamy and sheer to use as eye colors. I find they are best used as a base for the powder shadows. All you need is a small amount to smooth over your eyelids before applying a powder. This booklet also includes a double ended applicator and a kohl eyeliner in the shade Coffee. One side is a pointed black sponge applicator and the other side is a small blending brush. Since I already have my own brushes to use I didn't bother with this but it would make a good starter or practice tool for someone. The brown eyeliner is something I would normally never use but I figured what the heck so I tried it out. To my surprise I really liked it! It made a perfect lined look for the daytime that was soft but well defined.  Overall even with the few annoying things about this Palette I would still highly recommend it. For a price of only $5 bucks the quality is excellent and could easily be a dupe to Urban Decay Palettes.

I took some pictures of the Sparkle Eye Edition Palette from various angles and views so you could get a close up on the color details as well as modeled a makeup look I did on myself.  There are also swatches ( powder shadows, creams and kohl liner) I did on my arm with and without an eye shadow base so you could see the deference. Even though most of the colors are really pigmented I still suggest using a eye primer or eye base. It just makes the colors last longer and look more intense.
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